About Culture Shorts 

CultureCritic Live at The Morpeth is CultureCritic’s vodcast chat show. It features informal interviews with cultural luminaries, and is hosted by CultureCritic editor Will Gompertz in the historic Morpeth Arms pub in Pimlico, London.

The truth is that Will came up with the idea because he wanted to meet a bunch of famous arts people. But he denies that and says the real reason is because there aren’t any decent arts chat shows around.

We’re not trying to make a telly programme; it’s a vodcast, so there are no frills, the mistakes stay in and the audience are only there because they’ve paid the price of the ticket, which isn’t money, but the requirement of a decent question to ask the guest. This means Will doesn’t have to do much research and the audience actually have a purpose. We want to know three things from our guests: what are their influences, what are they up to at the moment and how did their career develop. Anecdotes are good, participation is great and we're quick to extinguish hubris.

And the line-up is pretty good. If you have any questions for our guests please send them over. The best question-askers will have the chance of being there in the flesh for the recording and taking part in the show.