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David Lynch photography picks at Paris Photo...

CultureCritic | 08.November.2012 | 12:59

Visitors to the international photography fair Paris Photo will be able to take an app-guided tour of works on show chosen by cult American director David Lynch 

David Lynch Paris Photo

Lynch has chosen images by artists including the first Australian Magnum member, Trent Parke and the legendary Serguei Eistenstein. Click here, then on the right-hand image to preview.

Paris Photo's director, Julien Frydman said about the project, ‘You need someone who has a vision who is able to build a kind of layer on top of the show  – obvious with David Lynch.' Frydman also noted that the Lynch connection would be good for the fair ahead of its launch in Lynch's hometown LA next April.  

The Grand Palais houses the fair, which runs from 15 to 18 November. It is a trade event as much as any international art fair, but also showcases new and historic photography collections, such as a selection of self-portraits owned by Los Angeles museum LACMA and images from London's four-million-strong "Archives of Modern Conflict". 

Vu par David Lynch will also be available in a book form. The fair's basic entrance fee is €28. 

Trent Parke, Christmas TreeTrent Parke, Christmas Tree, 2008, from The Christmas Tree Bucket 

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