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Samantha Harvey - All is Song

Released: 05/01/2012 Jonathan Cape
Harvey's last novel was considered un-trendy but brilliant, and was listed for the Man Booker. This follow-up concerns a modern-day Socrates figure, William, who learns the danger of placing philosophical inquiry above all else, receiving his own metaphorical dose of hemlock when a student takes him a bit too seriously... For more information visit: Buy:…
The Independent“Harvey's dense, unhurried prose is rich in characterisation...” This beautifully written composition does that rare thing, of provoking free thought while scrutinising the far-reaching repercussions of such a rebellious activity...
70 %
The Observer“The result is a novel of both depth and defiance...” Yet while this book doesn't reach the heights of its predecessor, there's still something compelling in the way Harvey resists the easy and the obvious. The result is a novel of both depth and defiance...
Guardian“Harvey's prose is graceful and unhurried...” This is a novel of ideas that also creates believable characters and explores complex relationships. Harvey's prose is graceful and unhurried, full of sharp observation and moments of subtly understated pathos...
80 %
The Telegraph“Self-denying yet resonant work...” If the overriding image of Orwell’s 1984 is of a foot stamping eternally on a human face, then a recurring motif running through Samantha Harvey’s troubling second novel of a modern-day Socrates is that of chickens suffering similarly...
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