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A.M. Homes - May We Be Forgiven

Released: 11/10/2012 Granta
Having already authored a novel concerning paedophilia, The End of Alice (1996), Homes is no stranger to controversial fiction, and now offers an intense, new take on American domestic drama. Savage sibling rivalry is the central thread here as the bullying behaviour of two brothers spirals out of control. But, as the title suggests, there just may be hope of redemption. For more information visit: Buy:,A-M-Homes-978184708324…
New York Times“The underlying problem is style...” Harry's guilt feels forced. As Homes prods Harry toward redemption, his inner life remains like one of those early synthesizers that are incapable of producing a chord... and her default uninflected indicative voice flattens everything it touches...
The Independent“Immensely readable...” So crammed with incident it shouldn't hang together... but Homes practises some kind of weird alchemy to make it seem like the perfect commentary on the death of the American dream... It is piercing, perceptive and deeply funny...
Guardian“The best thing I've read this year...” A masterful dissector of modern life. Homes excels in... creating characters both repellent and magnetic. Her writing exerts a push-pull that feels like being in a hall of mirrors. You want to run away but are compelled to look at the reflection...
80 %
The Telegraph“A gloriously eccentric novel...” The Nixon material will resonate more with American readers, but wherever you live, Homes’s sharp, detailed prose will teem with gloriously free, un-airbrushed life...
Publishers Weekly“The protagonist's story fails to persuade...” It’s difficult to keep track of the number of awful things that happen to Harold Silver in the first 100 pages of Homes’s plodding latest novel. It is equally difficult to care... Homes seems to have forgotten that sometimes less is more...
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