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Barbara Kingsolver - Flight Behaviour

Released: 01/11/2012 Faber & Faber

Where Kingsolver’s last novel - 2010’s Orange Prize-winning The Lacuna – employed a cast of characters that included Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky, her follow up sees her reflect on her own rural roots. When Tennessee housewife Dellarobia Tumbow witnesses a seeming miracle of nature, she becomes entangled in a confrontation with society – and the world - at large.  

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The Observer“An impressive work...” It is complex, elliptical and well-observed. Dellarobia and her kin come over as solid but believable individuals, outlined with respect and balance...
New York Times“Majestic and brave...” One of the gifts of a Kingsolver novel is the resplendence of her prose. She takes palpable pleasure in the craft of writing, creating images that stay with the reader long after her story is done...
The Independent“Everything fits together...” Kingsolver links big scientific themes with fine subtleties of human behaviour, moving between the grandiose and the personal... There are moments of lightness and beauty too. It's impossible to watch the dancing butterflies and not be moved...
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The Telegraph“A compelling plot with lyrical passages and flashes of humour...” Absorbing and entertaining, Flight Behaviour engages the reader in the quotidian details of Dellarobia’s life, while insisting that we never forget the crumbling world beneath her, and our, feet...
Guardian“Rises – with conscience and majesty – to the occasion of its time...” Expands on the theme of deaf ears, blind eyes and belief-versus-evidence with the trademark human sympathy that has won her the devotion of readers worldwide...
Publishers Weekly“Too lucid and vivid to ignore...” Spunky Dellarobia invests the narrative with authenticity and sparkling humor. Kingsolver also animates and never judges the uneducated, religiously devout residents of Feathertown as the dramatic saga becomes a clarion call for climate change...
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