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Colm Tóibín - The Testament of Mary

Released: 25/10/2012 Viking
Re-imagining the post-crucifixion fallout from the point of view of the mother of Christ might not strike one as an easy task, but Tóibín has already done it - in his 2011 play The Testament. Unsurprisingly, that was well received in Dublin and he has now transposed the fictitious exile story into a moving novel that focuses on mother-son relations. For more information visit:,,9780670922093,00.html Buy:…
New York Times“Beautiful and daring...” Toibin’s novella never even approaches the swampy terrain of sentimentality. Contempt. A hunger for catastrophe. Mary’s a lot closer to Medea than to June Cleaver... He's at work to blast to smithereens some of the most treasured icons of the Wes
The Independent“A humanist view of Mary...” Tóibín does not so much subvert the traditional image of Mary as enrich it. He is less concerned with portraying her as some kind of realistic character, than depicting the harrowing losses and evasions that can go on between mothers and sons...
Guardian“A gentle, thoughtful reimagining...” It's an important and persuasive book: Tóibín's weary Mary, sceptical and grudging, reads far more true and real than the saintly perpetual virgin of legend. And he is a wonderful writer: as ever, his lyrical and moving prose is the real miracle...
Publishers Weekly“A poignant reimagining of the last days of Christ...” Tóibín (Brooklyn) has chosen Jesus’ mother as the narrator for... this beautiful novella which turns on who or what Mary should believe about her son’s life and death—and on a mother’s grief...
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