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Donna Tartt - The Goldfinch

Released: 22/10/2013 Little Brown

Tartt's glacial pacing is famous - her first (and only) two novels are separated by a decade, this third continues the trend. Whether she can quite produce anything as compelling as her cult 1992 debut The Secret History remains to be seen. An early cohort of Bret Easton Ellis, she's back this autumn with a look at the ‘art underworld' according to her publishers.

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The ObserverClose to the end of a monotonous 800-page novel, I was truly perplexed...
80 %
The IndependentAs highly wrought, romantic and even sentimental as Tartt's detractors will fear and her much more numerous admirers will hope...
The TelegraphA richly animated, cleverly wrought entertainment...
GuardianPlot and character and fine prose can take you far – but a novel this good makes you want to go even further...
New York TimesA novel that pulls together all her remarkable storytelling talents into a rapturous, symphonic whole...
The SpectatorThe main problem with The Goldfinch is that it asserts lovability and wit without ever successfully enacting either...
70 %
Publishers WeeklyThe Goldfinch is a pleasure to read; with more economy to the brushstrokes, it might have been great...
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