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Edmund White - Jack Holmes and His Friend

Released: 16/01/2012 Bloomsbury
The prolific Edmund White returns with a moving account of love and friendship. Jack is besotted with a man he can never be with: his heterosexual best friend, Will. Beginning in 1960s New York, before gay liberation, and reaching to the 1980s, White charts their lifelong friendship to beautiful effect. For more information visit: Buy:…
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The Observer“The result is a book that is engaging and erotic...” He writes supple (albeit occasionally loose-limbed) prose about an age when gay love was often treated with either contempt or flippancy. The result is a book that is engaging and erotic, yet lacks the exuberance and sensuality of his best work...
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The Scotsman“One of White’s finest...” A masterpiece of structure serving plot, as lives fall apart while the fictional pieces fuse together in a dazzling display of scene-shifts and changes of tone, underpinned by wit...
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The Independent“A treat lies in store...” "Let's face it", thinks Jack as he frets about a lover's incompatibility, "people are obstacle courses". Often comic, never heartless, White's fiction shows us how to fall over them with grace...
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Guardian“Wittily meandering tale...” Jack Holmes and His Friend presents us with more than one novel in its 400 pages: there is an almost philosophical meditation on the nature of romantic and erotic desire; a sharp period portrait...
The Telegraph“A curious novel...” Jack Holmes and His Friend, White’s latest, is a curious novel: when it concentrates on a tight life of arid obsession, it yields rich results. When it moves into the world, the novel dries up...
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