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Jon Ronson - The Psychopath Test

Released: 03/06/2011 Picador
The author of Men Who Stare at Goats embarks on another satiric journalistic mission, driven by the Hare Psychopathy Checklist. From correctional facilities to the upper echelons of corporate and political power; from state psychiatry to Scientology; Ronson enters a sinister world indeed. For more information visit: Buy:… Watch:
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The Independent“Ronson's writing is wonderfully understated...” After the first rollercoaster chapter of The Psychopath Test, you know you're in for another terrifying but hilarious ride, this time through the world of the madness industry...
The Telegraph“It is difficult to imagine anyone writing a more quixotic book...” The Psychopath Test is wayward, intelligent and always funny. Ronson is the man with the shtick, yet one wonders if the routine is beginning to get in the way of his story...
Guardian“Verging on the fictive...” By constructing his books so that they start off achingly funny then at a certain juncture become naggingly painful, he does indeed force us to think more deeply about the subject at hand...
The Observer“Provocative and interesting” His subject is huge and tragic and terrifying but there is something tinny and unfinished about his investigation...
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