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Jonathan Safran Foer - Haggadah

Released: 27/02/2012 Penguin Books
While the adaptation of Foer's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close hits the big screen, and Nathan Englander's new short story collection reaches the shelves, the two literary heavyweights join forces to rework the Passover tale of Exodus. Foer gathers commentaries from contemporary Jewish figures to accompany Englander's new translation. For more information visit:,,9780241143605,00.html# Buy:…
Guardian“The Haggadah is no masterpiece...” Those approaching Haggadah cold are likely to find the exposition of verses and the hymns enumerating God's manifold wonderfulness tedious, even confusing. Safran Foer's edition is, quite deliberately, not an introductory one...
80 %
Financial Times“It is amusing, touching and scholarly...” What makes this Haggadah shine is the combination of commentary, design and illustration, and the splendid timeline by Mia Sara Bruch that goes sideways across the top of the pages...
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