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Joseph O'Connor - Where Have You Been?

Released: 04/10/2012 Harvill Secker.
O’Connor has done much to deserve 2012’s Irish PEN accolade, what with a few bestselling novels and an award-winning play to his name. From the upheaval experienced in the poor immigrant communities of 19th-century New York, to the contemporary suburb of O’Connor’s childhood, this is a return to shorts from an author adept at capturing Irish lives past and present. For more information visit:… Buy:,joseph-oconnor-97818…
The Independent“Quietly unassuming gems...” O'Connor's pin-sharp descriptions are beautifully contrasted with the stark simplicity of the stories, but he teaches a masterclass in what's better left unspoken...
The Telegraph“Sonorous earnestness dogs the writing...” A few of the stories are mischievous and caustically funny; for the rest, an air of leaden melancholy pervades, ending with an overblown “novella” deploying O’Connor’s prototype of male depressive and failed affair, and a preaching, ponderous
Guardian“O'Connor's return to the short story disappoints...” The mournful tone is typical of O'Connor's recent style, which has shifted from the somewhat blokey comedy of his early books into an elegiac mood... His novels have also grown more adventurous, but the stories seem deprived of this confidence...
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