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Lee Rourke - The Canal

Released: 15/07/2010 Melville House

The mundane is made both beautiful and terrifying in Rourke's debut novel. The unnamed narrator quits his job and takes to a park bench where a peculiar relationship with a chilling woman develops in spite of his nihilism. She becomes his obsession and a beautifully crafted dialogue gradually reveals disturbing truths.

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The Independent“A refreshing, memorable and powerful novel...” Modern urban life is captured here with precision and both dialogue and observations are brilliantly convincing. These become progressively darker, culminating in a dénouement as shocking as it is unexpected. A writer of exceptional promise...
Guardian“Not yet reviewed”
Financial Times“Not yet reviewed”
Publishers Weekly“Not yet reviewed”
The New Yorker“Not yet reviewed”
The Scotsman“Not yet reviewed”
The Telegraph“Not yet reviewed”
Economist“Not yet reviewed”
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