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Michel Houellebecq - The Map and the Territory

Released: 29/09/2011 William Heinemann
Houellebecq makes an appearance as an exaggeration of his controversial public persona in his latest Goncourt-winning novel. His presence offers a comic spin to artist Jed Martin's life and is also the vehicle for a gruesome plot development. For more information visit: Buy:…
The Telegraph“Houellebecq’s best novel for some time...” The book spins off into a bizarre mix of police procedural and discursive social satire, larded, as fans have come to expect, with steely semi-comic pronouncements on euthanasia, capitalism and the financial crisis...
80 %
Financial Times“The Map and the Territory is vigorously, enjoyably un-French...” The Map and the Territory is a delight to read – a felony in contemporary French fiction, where navel-gazing and high seriousness are valued over mere accessibility...
80 %
Evening Standard“Brilliant, often preposterous, Prix Goncourt winning novel...” The obsession with surface, with commodification, with signs that lead nowhere, with the impossibility of connection, bring to mind that great master of anomalies, JG Ballard, but Houellebecq is more ruthless...
80 %
Guardian“A wonderfully strange and subversive enterprise...” The Map and the Territory is a meditation on the relationship between art and the world it seeks to depict, but it is much more besides...
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