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Nick Harkaway - Angelmaker

Released: 20/03/2012 Randon House
Harkaway's acclaimed debut, an absurdist sci-fi epic, won him comparisons with Salman Rushdie and Kurt Vonnegut, all but eclipsing the fact that John le Carré is his dad. It's unsurprising there's been some hype around his second, this highly unconventional espionage farce, kick-started when clock repairman Joe inadvertently triggers a 60-year-old doomsday device. For more information visit: Buy:… Watch:
The Observer“An ambitious, crowded, restless caper...” This is, no doubt, a hyperactive bit of storytelling, but despite all the hybridity and genre-bending, Angelmaker doesn't feel gimmicky. On the contrary, it feels agreeably old-fashioned. There is some well-managed Dickensian plotting...
Publishers Weekly“Harkaway’s endlessly inventive second novel...” The novel ends up being its own absurdist sendup of pulp story tropes and end-of-the-world scenarios. Although the narrative often threatens to go off the rails, Harkaway makes his novel great fun on every page...
Guardian“Angelmaker is one of the most enjoyable books I've read in ages...” Once it gets going, it's brilliantly entertaining, and the last hundred pages are pure, unhinged delight. What a splendid ride...
The Independent“Harkaway has given us a box of delights...” This is a complicated story in which every single detail is there for a reason, yet it has a heart. Harkaway gives us escapes that are exhilarating and romances at once tender and sexy...
The Telegraph“Angelmaker must have been huge fun to write, it is huge fun to read...” Gleefully nostalgic and firmly modern, hand-on-heart and tongue-in-cheek, this is as far as it could be from the wearied tropes that dominate so much of fantasy and SF. I can’t wait to see what Harkaway does next...
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