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Orhan Pamuk - The Silent House

Released: 04/10/2012 Faber & Faber
30 years may be a long time to wait for a translation, but since his Nobel Prize win, there's been a steady backdated release of all the Turkish laureate's work. His polyvocal narrative looks at the tense political climate in Turkey and ‘80s coup d'état; foregrounded by an engaging drama about three people's ritual summer visit to their aged grandmother. For more information visit: Buy:,Orhan-Pamuk-9780571275922
The Independent“A novel of ideas...” Silent House is both a highly readable fiction and an unsparing portrait of the Turkish intellectual class as perennially naïve, and tragically apathetic, to the point of self-destruction...
New York Times“Pamuk has a flattering faith in his readers’ intelligence...” As it progresses, the atmosphere around you grows close, drained of oxygen, as if the air were full of whispers and some unpleasant event might occur — all of which makes it tricky to explain why the reading experience is so very pleasurable...
Publishers Weekly“A dispiriting tale...” While Pamuk deftly suggests the political strife that roiled Turkish society before the 1980 coup, this narrative never achieves the richness and depth of his later work. All but one of the major characters are neurotic, self-pitying and resentfu
Guardian“Doubly prescient...” An alertness to political undercurrents foreshadows the writer Pamuk would become in his maturity. The novel is also structurally highly ambitious... Orhan proves himself fully deserving of the call from the Swedish Academy in 2006...
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