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Penelope Lively - How it all Began

Released: 03/11/2011 Fig Tree
Set in contemporary urban England, one broken hip sets off a chain of events and chance encounters among a web of diverse characters, some with life-changing ramifications. Lively draws us in to an absorbing narrative tangle, with her usual comic flair and clever elusion of the novel's conventions. For more information visit:,,9781905490882,00.html?/How_I Buy:…
80 %
Financial Times“There is no diminution in Lively's skills...” Lively is such a practised pair of hands that you give yourself over to her instantly as she introduces each of the characters whose bumpers have been dented...
Evening Standard“An ideal book to be seen with in a hospital waiting-room...” Marriage in general is gently anatomised. The omniscient narrator tells us a great deal about the states of mind of the various characters - and perhaps a certain amount about the state of mind of the author...
80 %
The Independent“A novel full of stories...” As always, Lively has a precise control of the comic, and an ear for dialogue honed over more than 40 years of writing...
The Telegraph“A splendid tonic...” Her real subject – as it has always been – is memory, how the accumulating wealth of arbitrary detail colours our daily lives...
80 %
Guardian“Being knocked down has a knock-on effect...” Lively remains a sublime storyteller – the opening sentence has us riveted with curiosity as to what will happen next...
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