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Romano Bilenchi - The Chill

Released: 12/11/2009 Europa Editions

Bilenchi is highly respected in Italy as a writer of contemporary classics – but even his friendship with Ezra Pound didn’t score him an English translation of The Chill in his own lifetime. This is the painful coming-of-age tale of an unnamed boy, whose fall from innocence quickly becomes a horrifying plunge.

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Financial Times“Bilenchi wrote this starkly impressive tale of adolescent alienation...” What Bilenchi captures best, however, is a paralysing introspection threatening to destroy all happiness. What happens to his damaged hero in later life? We never find out. But the question hangs over the book like a shadow...
80 %
The New Yorker“Bilenchi’s spare, dark bildungsroman...” Most coming-of-age novels illuminate the tumultuous inner world of adolescence; Bilenchi’s reveals the brutality of the adulthood that surrounds it...
The Telegraph“Not yet reviewed”
The Independent“Not yet reviewed”
Guardian“Not yet reviewed”
Economist“Not yet reviewed”
80 %
Publishers Weekly“Haunting...” Goldstein, an editor at the New Yorker, beautifully translates this timeless tale of discomfort, rejection and isolation...
The Scotsman“Not yet reviewed”
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