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Shalom Auslander - Hope: A Tragedy

Released: 16/02/2012 Picador
Auslander's debut novel is rooted in a Jewish, and distinctly subversive, comic tradition. In a rural New York backwater, Solomon Kugel hopes to escape history. He is thwarted by his elderly mother's (imagined) concentration camp memories, and the discovery of a living piece of history in his attic. For more information visit: Buy:… Watch:
Financial Times“A comic novel of the most caustic kind...” While the jokes are often inspired, the splenetic acts of transgression become repetitive. Auslander purveys an intelligent line in wounded existentialism, but the virtuosity of his performance is exhausting...
The Independent“What drives his talent also shackles it...” it is Auslander's solipsism that prevents his novel from becoming a bad-taste bean-feast: all his characters are either versions of himself, or props to illuminate the varied aspects of his Complaint...
Publishers Weekly““The incredible drama of being a Jew.”...” Things start out hilarious and if the book wanes a bit as life keeps getting worse for Kugel, God’s plaything, that’s okay. As funny as it is, the novel is also a philosophical treatise...
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