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T.C. Boyle - San Miguel

Released: 11/10/2012 Bloomsbury
This new historical piece sees Boyle as colourful as ever, and right back in the California Channel Islands after his artful portrayal in When the Killing's Done. Spanning 50 years of life on the isolated San Miguel, it reaches back to the post-Civil War era, and in typical painterly fashion elegises each generation of a wayward community as they battle with the isle's adverse conditions. For more information visit: Buy:,TC-Boyle-9781408830697
The Independent“An absorbing narrative...” Both strands bear the stamp of Boyle's authority as a storyteller. They cohere into a powerful meditation on the skirmish between character and circumstance in these marginal lives in America's history...
New York Times“Sinuous prose...” Small events grow in importance — the leaking of a roof, what the novelist Charles Baxter has called “the markers of time moving through stillness.” For Boyle, a writer known for his maximalist plots, it is a brave stylistic choice that pays of
The Telegraph“Real lives don't make for hugely satisfying narratives...” TC Boyle clearly saw that a book about an island off California had the potential to say important things about America. You sense he’d have written a minor classic if he’d used real events as a springboard not a straitjacket...
Guardian“Bafflingly restless...” It should be epic... but Boyle scatters his plot like so many grains rather than planting it where it might deepen and grow.... he has always been a high-octane writer, but this is a narrative knocked sideways by its own freneticism...
80 %
Publishers Weekly“As beautiful, imperfect, and unrelenting as Boyle’s characters...” Ripe with exhaustively researched period detail, Boyle’s epic saga of struggle, loss, and resilience (after When the Killing’s Done) tackles Pacific pioneer history with literary verve...
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