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Will Gompertz - What Are You Looking At? 150 Years of Modern Art in the Blink of an Eye

Released: 06/09/2012 Viking
Condensing 150 years of modern art into a digestible guide is no mean feat but that's the task BBC's Arts Editor (and sometime comic) Gompertz set himself. Describing his book as ‘anecdotal but fact-tastic', he aims to cut through art-speak and deliver lucid insights in layman's terms. It certainly looks comprehensive, detailing work by Duchamp through to Ai Weiwei. For more information visit:,,9780670920495,00.html Buy:… Watch:
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The Telegraph“Richly detailed and highly entertaining...” What Are You Looking At?, while travelling from Delacroix and Manet towards the present in a way that many histories of modern art have done before, is a book that only appears idiosyncratic. In actuality, it makes good business sense...
The Independent“Reads quite like television in the making...” I wanted more than this perfectly acceptable tour. I wanted more cross-reference to the 150 extraordinary years of social, technological and economic change behind all these developments...
The Observer“Paints a vivid but patchy picture of art from Courbet to Hirst...” Gompertz has written an energetic and comprehensive romp through modern art...Gompertz's criticism is zesty, resolutely non-theoretical and often ends in dubious hyperbole...
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