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Le Havre

Released: 06/04/2012 Released in key cities
Shoe shiner Marcel is leading a relatively quiet life in a port town, when a young illegal immigrant stumbles into his world. As a community unites to hide the African boy from the police, the La vie de Bohème director couples a look at the ethics of immigration with the French idea of ‘fraternité', in this Palme d'Or nominated feature. For more information visit: Watch:
Empire“One of the freshest voices in cinema...” It may not be up there with his very best, but Aki Kaurismäki offers a reminder that he's a still one of the freshest voices in cinema...
80 %
Total Film “Warm-hearted salute to classical French cinema...” Kaurismäki adeptly weaves rockabilly musical interludes, a stylised colourscheme and droll performances into a warm-hearted salute to both classical French cinema and working-class solidarity...
80 %
Evening Standard“Both charming and purposeful...” But the film doesn’t shout. It just progresses from one plot-point to another with his totally original and often endearing lack of superficial subtlety. The result is both charming and purposeful...
80 %
Time Out“Nostalgic portrait of an essentially good community...” What really saves ‘Le Havre’ from being too precious, apart from a wicked thread of black humour, is a sense of solidarity between not just the story’s characters, but between them, the filmmaker and us...
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