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The Gospel of Us

Released: 13/04/2012 Released in key cities
When Michael Sheen took to the streets of his hometown Newport in Wales last year to perform a 3-day production of biblical play The Passion, critics applauded. This year sees the production resurrected by director Dave McKean, who's edited Sheen's epic performance to a more palatable two-hour narrative, just in time for Easter. For more information visit: Buy:…
Guardian“Stylised documentation of the event...” He keeps things visually interesting and exciting, overlaying images and using the occasional separately filmed segment. For the most part it works well, although having all the dialogue virtually shouted doesn't help...
The Independent“Sheen is a Messiah figure without the mystery...” Now it has been adapted to the screen, and it's a calamitous misjudgement. The immersive element of the event, wherein the public interacted with the performance, has vanished altogether...
70 %
Little White Lies“It’s a religious mash-up...” Those in a very close relationship with the church should perhaps steer clear, especially with a resolution that errs on the side of blasphemous. But what is commendable is its spirit of provocation...
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