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The Hunger Games

Released: 23/03/2012 General release
Hotly-tipped as the next Twilight, this is a teen fiction adaptation with a remarkably disturbing premise at its core. In post-apocalyptic America, 12 to 18-years-olds are ordered to fight in televised, gladiator-style death duels by the government. UK censors have muscled in already and axed some violent scenes. For more information visit: Buy:
80 %
Empire“This slays them all...” As thrilling and smart as it is terrifying. There have been a number of big-gun literary series brought to screen over the past decade. This slays them all...
Little White Lies“Forget the hype...” Bereft of passion and urgency, unlike the starving and desperate inhabitants of the outlying districts, The Hunger Games simply doesn’t have the hunger in its belly to ever truly catch fire...
80 %
Total Film “There’s shock, suspense and self-sacrifice...” A faithful adap, a grown-up teen movie and flaming good entertainment. The big test for the franchise lies ahead with the uneven second and third books. But on this showing, the odds are in its favour...
Time Out“This is a gripping, impressively mounted action movie...” Overall, this is a solid take on the material, but it could have done with a little less narrative incident and a little more cinematic sparkle...
80 %
Guardian“Enjoyable futurist adventure...” The worry now is that with big-screen versions of the next books in Suzanne Collins's series coming down the line, the impact will be lessened, and it will become a Twilightish soap...
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