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This Must Be The Place

Released: 06/04/2012 General release
Returning to New York for his father's funeral, past-it rocker Cheyenne (still gothed up to the nines) discovers his deceased dad was on something of a revenge mission, and picks up where he left off. With a soundtrack from Talking Heads' David Byrne, get ready to see Sean Penn as you never have before. For more information visit: Buy:
Time Out“Curious and imaginative...” It’s never better than its scenes in Dublin, and you’re left with the feeling that Sorrentino’s eccentric story and daring style masks just another movie about the healing powers of the road...
80 %
Total Film “File this one under "unlikely success"...” Succeeding against the odds and adroitly blending its disparate elements, this is a fine entry into the Eurodirector-gawps-at-America subgenre...
Empire“Determinedly quirky and cool...” Penn’s bored, deadpan, sorrowful Goth relic, with his thin, high, flutey little voice and heavy, smeared make-up, is a gob-smacker — funny, insecure, but with a childlike honesty and courage, and near miraculously touching...
Evening Standard“Part road movie, part oddball thriller...” Even though it has been re-edited since it was shown at Cannes, the film still lacks a coherent screenplay and Frances McDormand is entirely wasted as his wife. It doesn’t really work but it’s very watchable all the same...
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