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The Paralympic Opening Ceremony

Opens: 29/08/2012 The Olympic Stadium, London
It's been a tough two weeks but the Games are back, kicking off with a ceremony to rival what we've already seen (and hopefully helping us forget George Michael's dance moves). Featuring Stephen Hawking, Marc Quinn's statue of Alison Lapper and a flyover from veteran Dave Rawlings, as well as the obligatory fireworks, the show set the tone for another sporting fortnight. For more information visit:
The Independent“Infused with simmering political radicalism...” Dubbed "Enlightenment", last night's spectacle was more structured and the music more classical than in Danny Boyle's Olympics opening...
The Telegraph“As inspiring as we had all hoped...” It was more than a reclaiming; it felt like something that demanded to be listened to. Rather than the tiptoeing language that surrounds diasbility this felt authentic...
Guardian“These Games are the real thing, all right...” A nation that suffered a petite mort at the end of the Olympic Games less than a fortnight ago took the opportunity to come back to life on Wednesday night and pick up exactly where it left off...
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