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Art of Change: New Directions from China

Opens: 07/09/2012 Closes: 09/12/2012 The Hayward Gallery, London

This prompted Ai Weiwei, writing in the Guardian, to claim there is no such thing as meaningful Chinese contemporary art. Make up your own mind at a show that's often confrontational and not all government sanctioned. The first major Chinese performance and installation art display in the west, it features artists like Yingmei Duan and Gu Dexin and represents a real underground scene. For more information visit: http://ticketing.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/hayward-gallery-and-visual-arts/tickets/a… Buy: http://ticketing.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/hayward-gallery-and-visual-arts/tickets/a… Watch:

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Evening Standard“An absorbing if uneven show...” As with many shows featuring live elements, much here needs activating by the performers to work at its best. But with interactive archive sections between the galleries, this is a creditable attempt to tell the story of a little-celebrated, and some
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Financial Times“Giving Chinese contemporary art the serious consideration it deserves....” This is a show that forbids us to treat China as a romantic or fearful other. As you enter, a performer in a striped uniform soundlessly appears at your shoulder. Throughout the show, this silent presence shadows your every move...
The Arts Desk“If you want to engage with the work properly, you need help...” The exhibition does not make for comfortable viewing but it provides a fascinating glimpse of how confusing it must be to live in extremely “interesting times”...
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Guardian“This is a most uncommon show of art...” What makes this show exceptional is that it looks at the art hidden behind all that success; in some cases literally made, or shown, under the ground. There are videos of performances that lasted a day or two before being closed by the authorities...
The Independent“It is also Chinese, but only also...” "Extraordinarily" and "good" are words that spring to mind. There is a maturity and meticulousness to much of the art that is missing in its British equivalent...
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