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Everything Was Moving

Opens: 13/09/2012 Closes: 13/01/2013 The Barbican, London
The Civil Rights Act, the Cold War, the break-up of The Beatles: the 60s and 70s changed political and cultural history. The Barbican surveys the era with a show of work from key photographers of the time such as Bruce Davidson and Ernest Cole, offering varied angles on those most tumultuous of decades. Rarely seen works by Li Zhensheng and Boris Mikhailov also feature. For more information visit: http://www.barbican.org.uk/artgallery/event-detail.asp?ID=13613 Buy: https://www.barbican.org.uk/eticketing/performancelist.asp?shoid=35070,34854
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Evening Standard“A refreshing contrast from popular music retrospective over-load...” In the decades covered by this superb exhibition, the world went through dramatic changes: young Americans and Europeans demonstrated against the Vietnam war and apartheid as the Soviet Union, China and South Africa censored photographers...
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The Independent“There is some curatorial sleight of hand...” Everything was moving ā€“ but where was it going? At the Barbican, curator Kate Bush gives us a snapshot of an exploding world just as the thing begins to blow. You can almost hear the sound of ripping...
Guardian“It doesn't add up...” The comparisons don't tell us very much, nor do the differences between approaches and subjects. It is better as a book than a show, and better taken as a series of solo exhibitions ā€“ most of which don't go deep enough...
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The Telegraph“A visionary and utterly engrossing journey...” Photojournalistsā€™ personal work: not punchy stories grabbed in two or three day assignments, but projects that absorbed them over years, even decades, and pushed them to develop highly personal means of expression.
The Arts Desk“Unexpected and immensely powerful...” Oh, just go and see it. You will be surprised, astonished and moved, immersed in complexity and transfixed by a telling visual simplicity. It is a crash course in the aesthetics of photography in the hands and eyes of a dozen practitioners.
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