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Miracles and Charms

Opens: 06/10/2011 Closes: 26/02/2012 Wellcome Collection, London
With Mexican votive paintings depicting ‘miracles', and historic amulets from long-dead citizens of London representing the ‘charms', this touching exhibition highlights universal aspects of human faith and suffering. The fascinating votives, small paintings addressed to saints, represent moments of danger averted and date from the 1700s to now. For more information visit: http://www.wellcomecollection.org/whats-on/exhibitions/miracles--charms.aspx Watch:
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Time Out“An economical, sometimes comically illustrative manner dominates...” The space between these two exhibits, between the coolness and the clamour, feels charged...
The Arts Desk“A moving, comic, tragic, epic narrative that is not to be missed...” Those, based on Catholic faith, we still comprehend; the charms, based on almost lost folk traditions, less so. Both are beautiful, and the Wellcome has curated, especially with the retablos, what may just be the sleeper show of the season...
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The Telegraph“The power of faith and sense of joy jump out at you throughout...” It’s undoubtedly the Mexican offerings that steal the show. For their brief stay in the UK, we should be almost as thankful as their original commissioners...
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