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Miró: Sculptor

Opens: 17/03/2012 Closes: 06/01/2013 Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Bizarre and beautiful bronzes nestle in the Yorkshire countryside as the Catalan surrealist's organic curves meet England's green and pleasant ones. Featuring 79 sculptures spanning almost 40 years, this huge show fills both indoor and outdoor venues and shows Miró's genius lay as much in sculpture as it did in painting. For more information visit: http://www.ysp.co.uk/exhibitions/miró-sculptor Buy: http://www.ysp.co.uk/page/find-us/tc Watch:
The Telegraph“Miró was a proficient, attractive sculptor but not an originator...” With their flightless little wings and stubby horns, his semi-surrealistic bronze figures often appear too cute, like characters in a new Pixar movie...
Financial Times“Energy and optimism flung in the face of mortality...” What makes the show really comprehensive, though, is its skilful balancing of the collage-led strand of Miró’s oeuvre with more mythic monumental, modelled sculptures...
The Independent“Not merely a sculptor but a creator of universes, a maker of worlds...” With its back-of-the-attic materials, its back-to-the-Twenties style – is not so much recycling as replanting, less Miró the Surrealist than Miró the farmer. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park's Miró show is fascinating...
Guardian“His bronzes are just as bizarre and hard to pin down as his earlier work...” Horned beasts haunt the curvaceous landscape of Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Protruding eyes gaze out on trimmed hedges. This elegant and civilised art preserve has a wicked old visitor...
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