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Peter Lely - A Lyrical Vision

Opens: 11/10/2012 Closes: 13/01/2013 The Courtauld Gallery, London.
The Damien Hirst of the Restoration Age, (after Van Dyck died) it was Lely who became the household name of the 17th-century art world. As Charles II's Principal Painter, his portraiture was often favoured over his sensuous narrative illustrations. However, this show hones in on his rarely seen, rarely discussed utopian scenes from antiquity, based on the likes of Ovid and Virgil. For more information visit: http://www.courtauld.ac.uk/gallery/exhibitions/2012/peter-lely/index.shtml Buy: www.courtauld.ac.uk/gallery/visitorinfo/index.shtml Watch:
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The Independent“Shows a painter of considerable talent reworking and refreshing a genre...” They're not to everybody's taste, any more than they were to the sober-minded citizens of the time. But what comes through most strongly, and most attractively, in the pictures gathered here is Lely's infectious fondness for people and for pleasure..
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Evening Standard“This is a bonne bouche of an exhibition, a delicious morsel...” The Nymphs of Dulwich, based on living models, even to their filthy feet, were intended to titillate and stir the loins — the very absence of a literary or mythological justification proves the pornographic point...
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Financial Times“Casts fresh light on the artist at the heart of Restoration fashion...” In the gold-curled, red-lipped androgynous “A Boy as a Shepherd”, Lely treads a tightrope between a lively sense of presence and idealisation...
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The Telegraph“Erotically charged mysteries...” His pictures of bewigged aristocrats and breast-baring mistresses can be formulaic, but they define the era’s debauched glamour...
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