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Robin Ironside: Neo-Romantic Visionary

Opens: 27/02/2012 Closes: 22/04/2012 Pallant House, Chichester
Born of his nihilistic lifestyle and experiences of World War II, Ironside's idiosyncratic and often haunting art shares parallels with that of such British visionaries as William Blake. The first show of his paintings since a posthumous retrospective in 1966 celebrates this remarkable and troubled man on his centenary. For more information visit: http://pallant.org.uk/visiting/group-visits/future-exhibitions Buy: http://pallant.org.uk/visiting/opening-hours-admissions-and-directions
The Telegraph“Phantasmagorical images of sensuality, excess and decay... ” Though the imagery of neither artist is overtly homoerotic, the way each man dealt with his sexuality is a crucial component in how we look at and interpret their art...
The Observer“Ironside's work is singular in its eccentricity...” Robin Ironside was a junkie, a dandy, a melancholy wit but above all an obsessive painter surviving on nothing but laudanum and boiled eggs as he worked through the night...
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