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Opens: 13/10/2012 Closes: 23/11/2012 UK Tour
Charles Gounod’s 19th century opera becomes a modern American fable in the hands of directors Rob Kearley and Ran Braun, but their hi-tech production – including projections by Berlin-based video artist Lillevan – looks like it might be slightly wide of the mark. Peter Auty stars as Faust, in this case a disgruntled Wall Street type, and the cast abounds with Republicans, Pro-lifers and business execs. For more information visit: http://www.operanorth.co.uk/productions/faust
The Independent“Bringing Faust into the 21st century...” Oddly, this moral muddle scarcely disturbs a robust and persuasive reading of the score by conductor Stratford. Lillevan's flickering images of dirty politics and private angst move in approximate parallel to Gounod's velvet and organza textures...
Financial Times“Opera North is always worth a visit...” "The fact that the show still packs a punch is entirely due to Gounod..."
Guardian“Opera North may well have a controversy on their hands...” "We were very clear about it being contemporary from the beginning,"...There are some fine performances, though Lascarro's voice has lost some of its lustre since I last heard her, and Bronikowski struggles with some of his high notes...
The Telegraph“Opera North's staging of Gounod's Faust is ghastly” "When will opera directors wise up to the fact that simply translating something into a modern context doesn’t automatically open up resonance or relevance, let alone plausibility?..." why do opera audiences need to be spoon-fed interpretation?...
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