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Opens: 03/11/2012 Closes: 14/11/2012 Royal Opera House, London

Having been awarded a CBE for his choreography last year, Wayne McGregor is definitely in vogue. Here, he teams up with visual artist Julian Opie (responsible for those portraits of Blur on their Greatest Hits album) and composer Max Richter. Originally premiered in 2008, Infra – the Latin word for below – employs 12 dancers to explore a life lived beneath the city.

For more information visit: http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/infra-by-wayne-mcgregor Buy: http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/infra-by-wayne-mcgregor
The Independent“Infra shows people moving in crowds, or against them...” "A pas de deux is echoed and multiplied, becoming a picture of humanity going about its business. In a clumsy moment, Sarah Lamb screams silently as crowds push past her. Overhead, artist Julian Opie’s design shows digital people walking..."
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The Stage“Edward Watson is exceptional as always...” "It’s not often you see ballet dancers push each other as hard or grab each other’s bums and gyrate against one another so literally (McGregor even dabbles in foot fetishism at one point) but this is tempered by refined sensuality..."
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Guardian“Infra's narrative subtext reads with a haunting legibility...” "The centrepiece is a revival of McGregor's Infra, which looks better with every viewing. Perhaps it is because the extremes of McGregor's language – its startling dislocations and eerie fluency – have become secondnature to the dancers..."
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