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Opens: 03/10/2012 Closes: 14/11/2012 UK tour
As Richard Alston's 10-man dance troupe commence their ‘At Home' season, the jewel in the crown looks set to be the Ravel-inspired, Julien Macdonald-costumed Shimmer. It's a revisitation of a classic by the choreographer (he created the piece in 2004), who this year celebrates 30 years in the business - and a recent award for ‘Excellence in International Dance'. For more information visit: http://www.theplace.org.uk/14580/tour-dates/forthcoming-performances.html Buy: http://www.theplace.org.uk/14580/tour-dates/forthcoming-performances.html
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The Stage“By the end the dancers were nearly as exhausted as the audience...” "Revisiting his 2004 work, Shimmer, is wonderfully comforting. The controlled glamour of the movement, enhanced by Julien Macdonald’s colour-coded spiderweb unisex shifts, sits easily on top of Ravel’s music..."
Guardian“It takes a while to focus...” The plainness of the stage suits the very protestant part of Alston that focuses on steps rather than spectacle. In this context, it's a shock to see the company open with a revival of Shimmer; the costumes always strike me as too flamboyant...
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