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Trisha Brown Dance Company - Repertory Evening

Opens: 15/10/2010 Closes: 17/10/2010 Southbank Centre, London

Trisha Brown Dance Company celebrates its 40th anniversary with a selection of works from across the decades. Highlights include the L'Amour au théâtre's shifting aerial architecture, poetic reflections on seeing in You can see us, Opal Loop‘s celebrations of the commonplace and Glacial Decoy's silent depictions of classic American life, set against projections by Robert Rauschenberg.

For more information visit: http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/dance-performance/tickets/trisha-brown-dance-co… Buy: http://www.southbankcentre.co.uk/find/dance-performance/tickets/trisha-brown-dance-co…
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MusicOMH“A giant of modern dance in the USA...” The evening's selected works showcase different but equally important elements of Brown's practice both as choreographer and more widely in the arts. It's a strong restrospective which provides a good insight into her work...
The Telegraph“Rigorously conceived and lightly executed...” In a talk, Brown’s dancers explained that these movements, which look so easy, are incredibly demanding. Yet they dance as she used to, with jazzy fluency, arms and legs at one moment soft as jelly, the next sculpted into strong, geometric shapes..
Whatsonstage.com“Not yet reviewed”
Evening Standard“Not yet reviewed”
Financial Times“Not yet reviewed”
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