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Zimmermann & de Perrot - Öper Öpis

Opens: 13/01/2010 Closes: 16/01/2010 Barbican, London

A choreographer, a DJ / composer and five exceptional circus artists should be enough to make up a solid show. Throw in exceptional set design and you have one exquisite and unconventional performance. For Öper Öpis, the duo has turned the stage into a tilting platform on which a game of balance develops.

For more information visit: http://www.barbican.org.uk/theatre/event-detail.asp?ID=9939 Buy: https://www.barbican.org.uk/eticketing/performancelist.asp?shoid=17615 Watch:
Financial Times“Invites you to enter a bizarre world with its own strange logic...” The soundtrack is sometimes overbearing and there are passages that drag, as well as some that strive too strenuously for eccentric effect. But the drawbacks are mostly balanced out by some droll scenes...
The Telegraph“Prepare to be utterly astonished...” The sound of thighs slapping together becomes a techno-beat. De Perrot’s sonic input is barely half the story, though; it’s what happening on stage that takes your breath away and leaves you, as good mime should, speechless...
80 %
Guardian“I was open-mouthed in admiration...” The mix of skill, sleight of hand and sleight of eye is irresistible, and the piece has a gleeful magpie tendency – thieving from absurdism, popular cartoons, surrealism and modern dance...
Evening Standard“Things don't cohere into convincing theatre...” The parallel between the moving stage (a platform atop a giant airbag that fills and lilts) and emotional happiness is too obvious, although the seven performers, including Blancaluz Capella, move deftly with its sway...
The Stage“Not yet reviewed”
Time Out“Not yet reviewed”
The Independent“Not yet reviewed”
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