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Deerhunter - Monomania

Released: 06/05/2013 4AD

What’s eating Bradford Cox on the sixth Deerhunter record? Monomania actually seems a misleading title, as the band’s punk-gaze sound has rarely sounded so diverse, taking in something approaching rockabilly on ‘Pensacola’ and almost entirely devoid of the ambient interludes which seem now to be the domain of Cox’s ‘solo’ project Atlas Sound.

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The Quietus“Deerhunter never achieve cohesion of style or energy on Monomania...” Most of the album sounds like a kaleidoscope of every “indie” rock archetype, to the point that, whilst it's never debatable that Monomania is a Deerhunter record, you still find yourself thinking of Silversun Pickups, The Black Keys...
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NME“They've shape-shifted their way to where we are now: 'Monomania'...” The jagged guitars and distorted growl of opening tracks 'Neon Junkyard' and 'Leather Jacket II' nod to the aggression of their earlier recordings, but the pace soon shifts to the ambient soundscapes of 'The Missing'...
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MusicOMH“A fine follow-up to 2009’s Halcyon Digest...” Perhaps the finest moment on Monomania comes after the storm. Nitebike is the polar opposite of the title track. Built on the fragile backbone of ham-fisted acoustic guitar and Cox’s reverb-saturated voice...
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allmusic“Cox sometimes goes overboard with his fondness for abrasiveness...” At times, the album feels more meta than Deerhunter's previous music, a complex way of delivering songs that are often much simpler -- on the surface, anyway -- than usual. By turns raw and reflective, Monomania is about shaking things up...
Pitchfork“Monomania is certainly a strong effort on its own merits...” They’ve pulled off something admirable in making an illogical left turn feel like the logical next step where one didn’t exist. For the first time since Cryptograms, Deerhunter’s next move will be harder to predict than Cox’s...
Clash Music“The five-piece exerts a cosmopolitan noise...” As unconventional in approach as ever, the set extrapolates from their previous ventures and results in a confident and competent continuation of established qualities...
The Observer“Somehow, it all sounds effortless...” A whistlestop tour of rock'n'roll styles – from blues on Pensacola to deranged glam rock on Leather Jacket II – that never lets up. There is a form of mania at work here, but the results are propulsive and ecstatic...
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