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How to Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion

Released: 04/03/2013 Columbia
Like most things that Trent Reznor (formerly of Nine Inch Nails) touches, the electronic soundscapes dominating the lengthy running time of his band’s debut full-length are dark, chilly, and industrial. Reznor’s wife Mariqueen Maandig provides vocals, and graphic designer Rob Sheridan the glitchy ‘art direction’ on the follow-up to their An omen EP_. For more information visit: Buy: Watch:
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allmusic“The most measured record of Reznor's career...” Does have its share of melody, as this isn't merely a collection of sounds: there are songs here, some as tight as the defiantly new wave "How Long?," and others as elliptical as the skeletal "Ice Age"...
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NME“An impressively powerful affair...” Despite boasting such a dominant frontman, his wife and co-vocalist Mariqueen Maandig’s harmonious vocals rule here, adding something softer to the digitised beats of ‘On The Wing’ and ‘Keep It Together’...
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Pitchfork“At its worst, Welcome Oblivion is passé and redundant...” All the hype, Coachella live debuts, and fortuitous timing in the world can't mitigate the feeling that, at last, Reznor's work has been bested by that of the relative youth he might've inspired...
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