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Howe Gelb & A Band of Gypsies - Alegrias

Released: 21/03/2011 Fire Records
Giant Sand frontman Howe Gelb teams up with Spanish Flamenco guitarist Raimundo Amador and what they describe as a band of gypsies, in a real ‘now for something completely different' moment. It's as much for fans of exquisitely played Spanish guitar as for those partial to Gelb's lo-fi Americana.  For more information visit: Buy:…
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MusicOMH“A beautifully atmospheric collection, full of dust and dreams...” Gelb's Arizona desert stylings blend remarkably well with the flamenco rhythms provided by Band Of Gypsies. It is one of those meetings of minds that highlights the common ground between music spread over a wide geographical distance...
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Drowned In Sound“A Giant Sand purists' record, this is not...” There's no doubt that Alegrias is unafraid of what it is. There are plenty of hacking harmonic minor to major chord progressions and jaw-dropping arpeggios. Spanish guitar, played well, is right up there for its ability to totally stupefy...
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