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Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas

Released: 31/01/2012 Columbia Records

Going by the recent list of honours bestowed on him, it appears (apart from his hit world tour) Leonard Cohen has spent the last eight years attending award ceremonies. Either way, he hasn't been releasing records. This is the first album since 2004 from perhaps the most literate songwriter of all time.

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74 %
Pitchfork“The songs are decent, the singing is stunning...” Maybe the closest thing he's made to "folk" music since the early 1970s...
The Independent“Old Ideas may not be entirely essential...” The songs, such as they can be described as songs, are almost uniformly more affected than affecting...
80 %
The Observer“The album's tone: dark, with twinkles...” It is not wild hyperbole to say that he might be the finest master of his craft alive today...
The Telegraph“Sometimes the old ideas are the best...” His legendarily slow working methods have less to do with sloth than depth, precision and judgment, the exacting standards of poetic genius...
70 %
Guardian“It seems Cohen has not traded in his famous blue raincoat...” Show Me the Place shows all the hallmarks of his latest music, especially 2004's Dear Heather: synth strings, keening backing vocals, Cohen's baritone moan...
70 %
The New Yorker“Squaring up against the inevitable even more than usual...” “Show Me the Place” demonstrates his flair for erotic spirituality, and “Banjo” mixes metaphysics, music, and marine pollution...
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