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Teen Daze - The Inner Mansions

Released: 05/11/2012 Lefse Records
When enigmatic chillwave producer Jamison released his first Teen Daze album earlier this year, many found it a derivative disappointment. His second is a vast improvement, though this type of ethereal electronica has been done better on Washed Out’s Within and Without (the genre’s highpoint). Former Vivian Girl Frankie Rose appears on album highlight ‘Union’. For more information visit: Buy: Watch:
The Line of Best Fit“It’s just not that interesting...” The problem with the chillwave genre in general is that it’s just too nice. It’s pleasant, generally melodic and tuneful, but it needs a bloody great shake. Niceness is fine up to a point ,but when it becomes boring and inoffensively offensive...
Consequence of Sound“Feel like he’s heard this all before...” It’s another sound defense of the gradually fading chillwave movement, but as far as offering anything new to it, Mansions mostly treads the beaten path...
70 %
allmusic“Equally emotional and polished, and some of Teen Daze's finest work...” The newfound depth and scope -- not to mention more focused melodies and songwriting -- on tracks such as "New Life" and "Divided Loyalties" recall a homespun version of M83's widescreen romanticism...
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