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The Roots - Undun

Released: 05/12/2011 Mercury
What do hip-hop/soul veterans do when they've done everything? A concept album by a character from The Wire, of course. Undun tells the story (in reverse) of a Philly drug dealer who meets a sticky end, and includes a suite performed by Sufjan Stevens, adapted from his very own Michigan. For more information visit: Buy:
Guardian“The Philiadelphia collective's first concept album...” The luscious tunes of Make My, The Other Side and the poppier I Remember make it an iron fist in a velvet glove. What it isn't – quite – is the magnum opus it could be...
80 %
BBC“A moving eulogy, full of life in its own murky way...” A remarkable display of creative unity and a stellar masterpiece sitting alongside the group’s best work...
70 %
Pitchfork“It might strike listeners as a bit skeletal...” If Black Thought can't always push through a sentiment with his voice, he can at least deliver the fuck out of an idea...
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