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U.S. Girls - GEM

Released: 22/10/2012 FatCat
U.S. girl Meghan Remy favours lo-fi recording, but there are plenty of hooks in her rough-around-the-edges pop. Formerly on legendary experimental label Siltbreeze, GEM is her first on FatCat, and produced by Toronto songwriter Slim Twist, boasts a more band-driven sound. Single ‘Jack’, a Brock Robinson cover, is a deceptively sugary foot-tapper about Jack the Ripper. For more information visit: Buy: Watch:
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BBC“Intriguing...” GEM is far from a masterpiece, but it’s the work of an intriguing young artist still shaping a distinctive voice. It’s hard to know if the pleasure is in listening to it, or imagining where she might go next...
Dusted Magazine“The poster girl for pre-’80s pop...” Patti Smith-depth to a pop sound that often turns eerily dark. At times, its almost like The Shirelles meet P.J Harvey, with discordant piano electronics and elements of a drudging drone...
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Pitchfork“Simultaneously cartoonish and deeply affecting... ” Elements that initially scan as haphazard hodgepodge take the shape of something deliberate. With the ghosts of glam rock and pop crooners past as her guides, Remy's free to play around with different personas, characters, and genders...
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allmusic“Sultry melodics and oozy guitars...” Remy's greatest gift has always been her unique ability to dismantle and reassemble the pop form in a single song, and Gem is the most vivid document of that gift yet...
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