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Opens: 08/05/2012 Closes: 20/05/2012 Caledonian Park, London
The team behind the marathon three-day performance of The Passion last Easter (later made into a feature length film by Dave McKean) take over London's Caledonian Park with another biblical tale of godly proportions. With the Young Vic, Lyric theatre and Theatre Royal pooling their creative energies, this story of the tower built to reach the heavens – an ever-prescient fable of a united humanity – is likely to be a stunner. For more information visit: Buy: Watch:
The Independent“It’s a multi-culturalist’s wet dream...” The whole thing lacks any real nuance or bite, as the struggles between the good people and ‘the man’ are rather limply played out...
20%“A self-conscious, low-level, intellectual sloppiness...” It’s depressing to have to trudge around the park on a muddy surface, tuning in to some random yoga-style performances, amateur choruses, a massage table in one of the several white-tented pavilions...
The Telegraph“The dampest of damp squibs...” The whole lugubrious, fatally humour-free evening strikes me as a criminal waste of everyone’s time, effort and money...
Guardian“Lacking in spectacle and resonance...” All those people, all that effort and all that talent – squandered on an evening that is too thin on a narrative level, never giving its audience characters to care about or despise...
The Stage“The potential was there...” There’s some impressive projection work but the potency of the crowd never really comes into play and most people just end up milling around in the mud, awkward and uncertain...
Evening Standard“A damp squib...” It seems oddly insubstantial and lacks even a confident sense of spectacle. The projections are decent, but the experience feels neither immersive nor epic...
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