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Opens: 21/02/2013 Closes: 16/03/2013 Union Theatre, London
Yes, it is written by Tim Rice and the men from ABBA, but a spirited new Fringe revival of this 1980s piece of Cold War-themed eccentricity has seriously turned a few heads in critical circles. Political quandaries, a love triangle and song and dance numbers unfold around Soviet v US chess competitors. It's doing something right: only day tickets remain. For more information visit: Buy:
100%“Lean, mean and thrilling...” This brilliant staging allows Rice's superb lyrics - which are playful, witty and seriously inventive - full value; the music, too, is heard to maximum un-microphoned advantage. It's a musical and literary pleasure from start to finish...
80 %
The Stage“Thrillingly rendered in the unmiked conditions of this chamber theatre...” The shifting dynamics of the relationships between the central trio is rendered faultlessly, thanks to performances of fierce concentration and vocal power from Sarah Galbraith as Florence, Tim Oxbrow as Freddie and Nadim Naaman as Anatoly...
Time Out“There’s plenty to praise...” Directors Christopher Howell and Steven Harris probably make enough of the right moves to satisfy fans, but they’re unlikely to convince sceptics of this slightly self-important musical oddity...
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