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Mary Shelley

Opens: 16/03/2012 Closes: 07/07/2012 UK tour
Penning a fantastically influential Gothic novel at only 19 was Mary Shelley's remarkable achievement, and has been linked to grim events such as the death of her mother (an early feminist). Or was it just the result of hanging around with too many Romantic poets? Helen Edmundson's clever new play tells her story. For more information visit: Buy:
80 %
The Observer“Engrossing, conversationally rich evening...” The evening will inspire much reading – and not only of Frankenstein. But what I enjoyed most was the evocation of a dysfunctional literary family...
Guardian“Unlike Mary, it never fulfils its early promise...” The early scenes and the hints of expressionism in the staging suggest something more layered and emotionally resonant than is finally delivered, and radical ideas are sidelined in favour of giddy teen romance...
80 %“Overall, this is a powerfully told story...” Bringing the story to life is a wonderful ensemble cast. At the centre is Kristin Atherton as Mary; a creative and passionate young woman who remained captivated by the mystique of her deceased mother, feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft...
The Stage“There are times when all this starts to feel a little dry and talky...” Though Kristin Atherton plays Mary with considerable fire and passion, her performance ends up getting lost amid the increasing familial tangle...
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