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Rats' Tales

Opens: 29/11/2012 Closes: 12/01/2013 Royal Exchange, Manchester
 Although it (bravely) features 90 local school children, Carol Ann Duffy has stated that her new show is ‘essentially for adults’, and charts the transition out of childhood. The Poet Laureate has drawn on folk tales and her own dark fairy stories to create the piece in collaboration with director Melly Still. For more information visit: Buy:
The Observer“Sashays out of shadow-fraught European forests...” A black cloth, a dark coat and subtly skilful body-and-voice work from the excellent Katherine Manners and Kelly Williams as mother and daughter make one dark story terrifyingly real...
80 %
Exeunt“This makes for a thrilling alternative Christmas show... ” "Still’s production is magical throughout. The level of imagination on display is impressive, with large strips of cloths cascading down from the ceiling, turning the Royal Exchange into a mystical forest, and clever deployment of TV monitors..."
Guardian“Rat's Tales is the perfect nightmare before Christmas...” "There's no shortage of comedy, including a hilarious piece of equine impersonation that could put pantomime horses out of business. Musophobics should beware; for everyone else, Rat's Tales is the perfect nightmare before Christmas..."
The Arts Desk“A production to tease the imagination...” "It doesn’t have the overall enchantment of a children’s show. Nor does it have the force of an adult entertainment. So, I’m unsure who it might appeal to. But it has its moments..."
80 %
The Stage“It asks us to cherish our imaginations...” It’s possibly too dark for those who might bring young charges expecting festive cheer. In these tales, children are lost and childhoods are stolen. Death and wickedness abound. There’s little actual joy until well into the second half...
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