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The Kingdom

Opens: 24/10/2012 Closes: 17/11/2012 Soho Theatre, London.

Returning to his roots, Colin Teevan continues in the grand tradition of Irish writers, such as Friel and Joyce, by using Greek myth to tell his tale. Directed by Lucy Pitman Wallace, who took on Ayckbourn at Salisbury Playhouse last year, The Kingdom invites us into the lives of three Irish navvies as they unearth one another’s secrets. For more information visit: Buy:…

Evening Standard“The key thing is not to be distracted by the digging...” "I longed for Teevan to put the mythical aside awhile in order to tell us more about the everyday lives of these men adrift and lonely in a hostile land..."
60%“Shifting and immutable...” It's too brisk and elliptical for its own good, failing to release any colour and life. Teevan has written an outline in blank verse and forgotten to flesh-out the drama, resulting in a hybrid of undercooked Beckett and impersonal tragedy...
80 %
The Independent“Written with a sinewy, musical eloquence...” Premiered in a fiercely intense and mountingly haunting production by Lucy Pitman-Wallace, Colin Teevan's new play is a powerful, partially persuasive transposition of the Oedipus myth to the world of Irish migrant workers in London...
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