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Top Hat

Opens: 01/04/2012 Closes: 05/01/2013 Aldwych Theatre, London
The delightful Fred and Ginger musical from 1935 takes theatrical form at the hands of director Matthew White. Tom Chambers and Summer Strallen star as Jerry and Dale in an evening of screwball comedy and memorable Irving Berling songs. It's time to face the music, and dance... For more information visit: Buy:…
Evening Standard“A dose of escapist nostalgia...” Bill Deamer’s choreography is complex but well focused. A large cast and sizable orchestra perform with gusto, while Hildegard Bechtler’s lovely designs evoke the charms of the Thirties and the handsome geometry of Art Deco...
80 %
The Telegraph“Something is lacking...” Recession has us in its grip and producers are clearly convinced that the best way to turn a buck in the face of dire economic odds is to cheer audiences up with vintage musical comedy...
Financial Times“It could be Shakespeare, but it's not...” The plot is so tissue thin, the script so daft and the gags so corny that there is nothing to do but wait for the next song and dance to come along...
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